Pet Licences

Do you need a licence?

All dogs living within the Town of Tillsonburg must be licensed annually. As of 2022, cats no longer need to be licensed.

Pet licensing in Tillsonburg is managed through DocuPet Inc

How to license your dog

Licensing your dog online takes less than five minutes. Once you've ordered a licence, you can create a profile that can help reunite you with your dog if they get lost. While dog licences become active immediately after order, pet tags typically take eight to ten business days to arrive in the mail. 

If you can't license your dog online, you can call Docupet at 1-855-249-1370.

Licence fees and fines

Licences expire one year after issuance and must be renewed annually. 

Failure to licence your dog will result in a fine of $150.00.

Licence Type Cost
Intact dog FREE
Spayed/neutered dog FREE
Service dog FREE
Dangerous dog $106.00 - Must contact By-law for application

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Allows for the identification of lost and/or homeless dogs.
  • Assists with identifying dangerous dogs.
  • The by-law requires all dogs to be licenced. 

If you no longer own your dog, update your DocuPet profile by calling 1-855-249-1370 or emailing

DocuPet's Lost Pet Report can help. Log in to your profile and report your pet lost using the red button. An email will go out to community members letting them know how they can help.

Lost Pet Report

Typically tags are received in the mail eight to ten business days after your order if processed. Our records will show you have an active licence from the time you ordered the tag.

You can order a replacement tag by logging in to your account and clicking the green "Order Replacement Tags" button or call 1-855-249-1370 to order over the phone.

Order Replacement Tags

  • If you would like to renew your 2023 dog tag, you can complete your renewal after Dec 12th
  • Dog licenses will expire 1 year after the date of issuance.
  • Reminder e-mails are sent out prior to expiry.
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