Tree Trimming

Trees benefit everyone by purifying the air we breathe and reducing the effects of pollution. Here is what you need to know about trees in the Town of Tillsonburg.

Street Trees

Trees planted along Town streets help provide shade and make neighbourhoods more livable for people and animals.

You can help keep the trees in your area healthy by following these guidelines.

  • Don't trim street trees. If you notice a tree that appears damaged, dying or potentially diseased, contact us.
  • Do not excavate around the base of a tree. You can easily damage the tree's feeder roots.
  • Do not remove wood chips or mulch at the base of tree. They protect the tree from damage and reduce water loss.
  • Do not pile soil or grass clipping over the mulch/wood chips.

Damaged, dying or potentially diseased street trees should be reported to the Customer Service Centre.

Trimming Standards

Public Works staff are responsible for trimming and removing street trees when required.

  • Removing diseased or dying street trees
  • Trimming damaged branches or limbs that limit visibility for people and vehicles
  • Trimming street trees to ensure a 4.25 m (14 foot) clearance over roadways

Trees may also be trimmed to allow clearance for Tillsonburg Hydro Inc., wires.

Private Property Trees

Trimming trees on private property is the responsibility of the property owner(s).

If a neighbour's tree is having a negative impact on your property, try to come to an agreement on what action should be taken. If an agreement cannot be reached, you may want to consult a lawyer to determine your legal rights.

If you decide to trim branches from a tree that is not yours, please remember:

  • You cannot trespass on your neighbour's property
  • You cannot damage your neighbour's property (i.e. tree)
  • You have the right to maintain your property in a safe condition

Trees - Frequently Asked Questions

Contact the Customer Service Centre at 519-688-3009.  Town staff will investigate and coordinate any necessary remedial work.

Contact the Customer Service Centre at 519-688-3009.  Town staff will place the identified tree on the arbourists inspection list for assessment.  The Town will not remove any healthy assessed street tree.

Please refer to Wastewater Collection - Repair Responsibility.

If a private tree falls onto a street, only that portion of the tree that is on public property will be removed.  The remainder of the private tree is the responsibility of the home owner.

The planting of all street trees in a new subdivision is the responsibility of the Developer.  Please contact your Developer directly for replacement of dead street trees.

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