Report Illegal Dumping

Put household waste where it belongs

The Town of Tillsonburg offers residents several options for the disposal of household waste—including weekly curbside collection of bagged items, and the Transfer Station where residents can drop off large items and yard waste.

*Please note that Tillsonburg does not have a "clean-up week" or seasonal large item curbside pickup program. 


What is illegal dumping?

Bylaw #3105 prohibits the dumping of refuse and debris on private or public property.

Illegal dumping means throwing, placing or depositing refuse or debris on private property or lands owned by the Town or any local board. 

Refuse and debris are defined in the bylaw as:

  • garbage
  • junk
  • tin cans
  • old or decayed lumber
  • discarded, deserted or inoperable machinery including automobiles and automotive parts 
  • furniture
  • construction materials

You should not dump any of the above items on your property, or allow others to use your property for this purpose. Only licensed salvage yards are exempt from this bylaw.

Leaving materials at the Transfer Station when the facility is closed or putting materials in an unauthorized location at the site is also considered illegal dumping. The Transfer Station is equipped with video surveillance equipment.

When the Transfer Station is closed, you may take items to the Oxford County Waste Management Facility (landfill) at Salford. 

Fines for illegal dumping

Anyone who doesn't comply with the Bylaw #3105 may be charged under section 62 of the Provincial Offences Act.

An illegal dumping conviction carries a $500 fine.

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