Maintenance and Lot Decorations

Tillsonburg Cemetery is owned and operated by the Town of Tillsonburg, in accordance with consolidated By-law 2021-058. Cemetery staff strive to maintain the cemetery grounds in a way that offers respect and dignity for all.

Maintenance Services

  • Opening/closing of burial sites
  • Seeding/sodding and grass cutting
  • Setting of markers and headstones
  • Repair of foundations


Decoration Day is held on the third Sunday in August, however decorations are allowed at other times of the year. 

Please keep the following guidelines in mind when selecting floral and memorial tributes. For full details on cemetery lot decorations, refer to consolidated By-law 2021-058.

  • Glass or breakable containers are not permitted on cemetery plots
  • Loose flowers may be placed on graves at the time of inurnment and on Decoration Day
  • Artificial wreaths or monument saddles are permitted from November 1 to April 15. These tributes should be fastened to the monument or mounted on a separate stand anchored to the ground. Artificial decorations remaining after April 15 will be considered abandoned and removed by cemetery staff.
  • Flower beds may extend up to 15 inches in front of the monument and should not extend further than the width of the monument base. Borders made of pre-formed concrete, heavy grade plastic, rubber or granite are acceptable.
  • Flower beds and in-ground plants are not permitted on flat marker grave sites
  • Potted plants may be placed on top of the ground close to the monument, but must be removed by September 30
  • New bushes, shrubs and trees are not permitted in the cemetery unless planted by Tillsonburg Cemetery staff.  
  • Decorations may be removed if they pose a safety risk or affect general cemetery operations
  • Glass or other breakable items (i.e. statuary) are not allowed around the columbarium
  • Bud vases approved by the Tillsonburg Cemetery and attached to the niche will be allowed throughout the year
  • Other floral tributes are permitted only at the time of interment and on Decoration Day; flowers that are likely to stain or deface the structure will be removed
  • No ornaments of any kind are allowed on or near the niches
  • No ornaments of any kind are allowed on the bud vases
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